A champion in the stadium and a champion of road safety in his community.


His Sport Impossible

It was a passion for hockey that first brought Amit into the sporting limelight, at a national level. But it was a car accident and his subsequent dogged determination to continue his sporting career despite his injuries, that propelled him onto the international stage, but this time in discus and club throw. In his first major appearance — the 2014 Asian Para Games Guangzhou 2010, he won an inspired silver in the discus event. He went on to win gold in the 2014 Asian Para Games in Seoul, and a silver with his Asian-record breaking throw at the 2017 World Para Athletics Championship.

“Never say no. When a hundred doors seems to be closed, believe in yourself, train hard and create a hundred more.”

His Social Impossible

Amit has faced his share of naysayers, proving them wrong the moment he entered the stadium. But his victories don't end there. He knows that every appearance, every throw, is an inspiration to others who are in situations like he was in. He uses his profile to show others that every negative in life, in his case a severe road accident injury, has a positive. He is also an advocate for safer driving and greater awareness out on the roads. The ways he sees it, is that if he can use his story to help make people more aware of road safety, it will create noticeable and positive change. That's how we at Toyota see it too, which is why we're proud to be taking the journey with him.


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