A quiet achiever whose victories speak volumes, empowering young women all around India.


Her Sport Impossible

This champion gymnast has seen a lot of firsts in her career. In 2014 in Glasgow, she became the first ever Indian gymnast to win a medal at a Commonwealth Games. She then picked up a bronze medal at the Asian Gymnastics Championships in 2015. Dipa also became the first ever female Indian gymnast to compete at an Olympic Games when she travelled to Rio in 2016. As though all that isn't enough, she holds the esteemed position of the being only Indian gymnast and only one of five in the world, to have successfully landed the Produnova — the most difficult vault in women's gymnastics.

“I am inspired by people who wake up every morning and quietly go about overcoming challenges.”

Her Social Impossible

Dipa knows that her feats in the stadium can influence and inspire others to realise their full potential. She recognises the importance of being active, healthy and mobile, and so she practices and competes not only for herself, but for the youth of her nation. By harnessing the power of her sporting success, she aims to empower other young women, to overcome their impossible and embrace the positive change that being active brings. She is also featured in the book “Dipa Karmakar The Small Wonders” which is helping to spread her words and stories. Toyota is proud to support her and the brighter future she is trying to help realize.


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