Watch these ’Dual Heroes’ share their sporting and social change stories of impossible.


When we move, the world moves. Through tiny steps and massive bounds, we push forward into the great unknown. At Toyota, we’ve made it our mission to move people so that they can take on challenges. From personal to profound. A race to win. A hurdle to clear. A ceiling to shatter. It’s in the human spirit to keep moving. To keep reaching for that impossible goal. And nothing embodies that spirit more than the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

When the whole world comes together to celebrate the very best in human performance. Where a lifetime of hard work and dedication is put to the ultimate test. On the greatest athletic stage on Earth. As a Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Partner, we have the chance to inspire people all around the globe.

To help elite athletes and everyday people push toward their vision. Their finish line. Their Impossible. The freedom of movement is a human right. And we are here to tear down barriers and ensure Mobility for All. So everyone everywhere can reach their potential.

Let’s help people with an impairment move effortlessly through the world. Let’s make smarter cars that make better drivers. And let’s leave a cleaner planet for our children’s children.

Ninety years ago, it was impossible to imagine where Toyota would be today. But it would have never happened if we didn’t start. Start Your Impossible.

start your impossible

Abdul Latif Romly
Amit Kumar Saroha
Anchaya Ketkeaw
Dipa Karmakar
Ernie Gawilan
Joseph Schooling
Marcus Fernaldi Gideon
 Nguyen Thanh Trung
Ni Nengah Widiasih
Panipak Wongpattanakit
Saadi Abbas
Toh Wei Soong


    IMPOSSIBLE is just the first step to a future of exciting new possibilities. But for most of us, the courage to take that step, needs an external source of inspiration.

    We found the inspiration in certain sportsmen/women from our part of the world whose social impact increase the meaning of any podium position or medal. They are constantly fighting against dual odds, one on the field, the other in life. And it is their ability to overcome not just sporting challenges but also influence social change through their life journeys that transcend them from being a star to DUAL HEROES of IMPOSSIBLE.

    From winning a bout to advocating the voices of the unheard, from setting a world record to promoting safer roads, from outsmarting competition to making a case for equality and accessibility, from inspiring others through sports to giving hope and dream to the next generation, our DUAL HEROES help us not only bring national glory but also help find our calling for driving change in our society.