A determined believer who is kicking his way to success, to empower and motivate others to follow.


His Sport Impossible

Karate might not yet be mainstream in Pakistan, but that didn't matter to Saadi's father. As a huge Bruce Lee fan, he was the driving force behind his son taking up the sport. And even though the promising young champion often had to train alone to try and achieve his goal of becoming a legend, he persevered. The hard work paid off when he won a silver at the 2017 Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku, Azerbaijan. He is also the first ever south Asian to win a gold medal at the Asian Karate Championships.

“I want to win not only for myself, but for my country, my people.”

His Social Impossible

Saadi has always believed that society is shaped by its youth. That's why he dedicates time to training young, poor and marginalized people in his community. He knows how tough it can be to walk a journey alone, and has made it his mission to guide, motivate and empower others, through participation in sports. Every life he helps to change, is an inspiration for him to work toward his other dream: bringing home an Olympic medal. We at Toyota aim to help him to do both.


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