The National Swimming Hero who keeps his eyes on the road.


His Sport Impossible

The Schooling family are no strangers to elite sports. Joseph's grand uncle and father both represented Singapore at the Olympic Games, but he has taken the family's sporting success to new levels. In 2016, he became Singapore's first-ever medalist at an Olympic Games, when he won Gold in the mens' 100m butterfly in Rio de Janeiro.

“It's all about the passion and how badly you want it. You can't crack under pressure.”

His Social Impossible

He may have achieved one of his biggest goals in the pool, but Joseph knows that out on the roads, there's still work to be done. That's why he is an active champion of road safety in Singapore, and in particular, safety awareness and the education of children. Joseph knows that the path to safer roads, like the path to sporting success, begins from a young age. Toyota also understands the need for greater road safety awareness, which is why, together, we are working toward creating safer roads for all Singaporeans.